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Welcome to the home of homemade lasers and to the braniac laboratory. This site is devoted to the homemade lasers. And guides where it is described how to build them step by step. Any laser described in the guides can be build from scratch using only the common accessible resources. You won't need rare crystals, optics, mirrors or anything like this. On the other hand all lasers here are the demo of the concept. (Rather) cheap, quick-and-dirty mockups. Feel free to make for them proper housing and shining handles. My task is simple - to show that lasers ARE simple. Not less not more... read more

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-> N2 TEA Laser Homemade N2 TEA laser on the air [guide] (PDF)
-> powerN2tea Powerfull Air Nitrogen Laser [Guide] (PDF)
-> CO2 Tube Homemade CO2 laser with longitudinal discharge [mini-guide] (PDF)
-> CO2 TEA Laser Homemade CO2 TEA laser [guide] (PDF)
L_> CO2 TEA Hole TEA Holeum: The Final(Fantasy) Variant of the DIY TEA CO2 laser with air and carbon dioxide mixture
L_> vpump LASER 3.0 (Saga of Carborundum)

Dye Laser

Dye Laser  
-> new_dye Pocket sized flashlamp pumped dye laser [guide] (PDF)
-> discharge inside tube The Mountain that Spawned a Mice [Anti-guide]
-> CVL Homemade Copper Chloride Vapour Laser from scratch
-> Solid State Lasers
L_> CO2 TEA Hole Homemade Q-Switch for Solid State Lasers

Note: For most of the photos in guides the high-resolution versions are available, just click it.



-> calorimeter Homemade Peltier Calorimeter [guide] - How to measure power of a laser pointer (PDF)
-> capacitor Assembling a high voltage low inductance capacitor (for lasers, emp guns and other science freakings) (PDF)
-> discharger A set of spark gaps for different voltages - it is one of the most usable part in the braniac work (PDF)
-> Spark Building a simple multi kilovolt power unit (PDF)
-> mirr_mount Making laser mirror mounts (PDF)
-> vpump Vacuum Pump (Guide) (PDF)
-> vpump Circulation pump for dye laser (or cooling) (PDF)
-> stun_gun Electric Stun Gun Fun  

Note: For most of the photos in guides the high-resolution versions are available, just click it.


Misc Photos

-> Photos

miscellaneous photos are not included in the guides

Note: For most of the photos the high-resolution versions are available, just click it.


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