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Welcome to the home of homemade lasers and to the braniac laboratory. This site is devoted to the homemade lasers. And guides where it is described how to build them step by step. Any laser described in the guides can be build from scratch using only the common accessible resources. You won't need rare crystals, optics, mirrors or anything like this. On the other hand all lasers here are the demo of the concept. (Rather) cheap, quick-and-dirty mockups. Feel free to make for them proper housing and shining handles. My task is simple - to show that lasers ARE simple. Not less not more.

A pretty long period of time has passes and I feel satisfied that this site can already be found over the internet. Great thanks to all my friends, who helped me with that heavy task (and are still helpng me now). The special thank I my say to Jarrod Kinsey - my friend and a very good guy.

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